Colorectal Club meeting is accredited by the Health Council of the Republic of Serbia with the following number of points:

Lecturer 13

Participant 8

Oral presentations 11

Poster presentations 9

Technical Equipment available for oral presentations:

Data projectors for computer presentation from a Notebook or a PC with Windows 7 operating system and Microsoft Office 2010

Please note: Personal notebooks will not be permitted

Preview Desk: All speakers should visit the control room located at the Danube room to upload their presentation at least 30 minutes before their session. Please make sure that your presentation is fully operational. Only presentations on USB Memory device will be accepted. At least Version MS PowerPoint 2010 is recommended. Any other arrangement is strictly at the risk of the presenter. In case your PowerPoint includes a video, it is necessary to have the video file prepared in the same folder together with the presentation. If you would like to use any unusual presentation formats, please contact the Preview Desk in advance.

Preview desk will open at 7.30 am.

Information for Poster Presenters, In Advance and On Arrival

Poster Presentation will be organized electronically on 70 inch LCD Monitors (155×87 cm) at the pedestal with lap tops for Poster Presentations – every Poster Session for whole 2 days.

Accepted Posters must be sent to the Conference by the presenting author and should be mailed before the Conference at least 7 days in advance to the email address: You will be informed about the technical correctness of the received presentation by an e-mail.

The Poster exhibition will be located at the Exhibition Hall on the Ground Floor. Poster should be on one slide and should be landscape (not portrait).


Each poster is allocated one LCD Monitor and marked with your final reference number which you have received in the notification, also on the list beside. Please take the necessary cautions as photographs of posters may be taken for publicity purposes while they are on display.

Presenting authors are requested to be available for short presentation and discussion of their posters during the allocated Poster Walk.

Poster Design Tips

  • Do not overload your poster. Remember, you are not writing an article. Seek simplicity, keep text to a minimum, and avoid redundancies
  • At the top of poster, please provide the title of the paper, names of the authors and their affiliations, all in bold lettering big enough to be visible. Artwork and lettering should be large and clear enough so that the poster is readable from a distance of 1.5 m. Use a constant font throughout the poster
  • Use 500 to 1,000 words (including title, figure legends, and tables) – definitely not more. The figures and tables should cover approximately 50% of the poster area. If possible, avoid abbreviations and acronyms, especially in the Conclusions. Feel free to provide one or more key references
  • The average reader spends 1–2 minutes on your poster. Highlight your main finding. Most colleagues start by reading the Conclusions. Thus, do not hide them. Put them either at the eye level, either on top of the right column or, alternatively, start with the Conclusions. Otherwise, structure your poster by Introduction, Methods, and Results. State your aims in the end of the Introduction
  • Offering handouts of your abstract or poster (including your contact details) may facilitate future research communication with interested readers
  • Prepare a short (< 4 minutes) oral guide through your poster.

E poster instructions download